4 years in business…

4 years ago I sat at my kitchen table and googled business names to find one that wasn’t taken. Then I took some purple paint, and a canvas and started designing my logo. Went to facebook to make a page, and Boom, that was that.

In 4 short years I have accomplished so much- and it’s all thanks to YOU! Your word of mouth, your tags, your recommendations, your returning business! SO thank YOU so much!

What all have I accomplished in 4 years? Here is what I came up with (because mom brain is real!)


  • Painted with over 7600 people! 
  • Invited LOTS of guest artist into the studio- and help build their brand
  • Collaborated with TONS of local businesses 
  • Completed multiple custom orders
  • Been invited to numerous schools for enrichment days/career days/guest speaker
  • Won Readers Choice 2 years in a row- but this year as #1! 
  • Painted windows for businesses
  • Painted my first mural for a business! 
  • Painted walls for friends
  • Have art displayed at an Art Park 
  • Lead lots of classes that don’t even have to do with painting! 
  • Was asked to paint 2 rain barrels for fundraising
  • Started up a LOCAL, HOME MADE ONLY craft show with a long time friend
  • Helped SO SO SO many people and groups with Fundraising
  • Been on the news, and in the paper
  • Participated in numerous parades- with original- never seen ideas
  • Entered my first “judged” paintings (at the fair this week!)
  • Made so many new connections
  • Laughed so hard at parties/events
  • So many new memories
  • Amazing new friendships
  • Learned to facepaint and added that to my services
  • Started making custom shirts
  • Launched a “Choose Kind” program


So thank YOU for making the dream come true. Thank you for allowing me to inspire you. Thank you for coming back, over and over. Thank you for believing in me, giving me confidence, and trusting me where you might feel weak. 

Please join us for celebrating on September 15- at our Pay What you WANT event! 


Thank you ALL so much! Here’s to another year! 

Lots of love, from your local “artist”


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